"What a life changing experience!

I truly cannot recommend No Ordinary Bootcamp enough.  I was really worried about going there on my own, but everyone makes you feel welcome and part of a team from Day 1.  They were incredible.  No one gets left behind and everyone motivates each other.

Ross and Paul were brilliant, they delivered every training session to everyone's ability, feeding us all with their own knowledge, experience and passion for fitness.  Their team worked really hard ensuring we had the best possible experience and captured it on camera as well.  

Unlike other bootcamps they had an outstanding chef who cooked and prepared meals for all of us.  At first I thought I cant eat 3 meals a day but if you're exercising 3-4 times a day you need to fuel the body!  I learnt so much about nutrition and my diet has completely changed for the best since I have been home.  

At the end of the week we had our results, there were some amazing changes!!  It has certainly kick started my fitness journey and I have found the motivation to get me back on track.  

Would I do it all again?..... Absolutley!!  See you next year!"


"Just back from No Ordinary Bootcamp in Girona.  Cant recommend it highly enough.  

The coaches Ross and Paul are extremley knowledgeable and passionate about all aspects of fitness.  They have a fabulous back up team who ensured the whole week ran smoothly.  Their enthusiasm spilled over to everyone there and I certainly pushed myself harder than I thought I would or could.  

I've already booked to go back to the next one!"


"No Ordinary Bootcamp was an excellent holiday.  The right mix of tough training, lounging by the pool sunbathing and relaxing, hilarious fellow 'bootcampers', nutritious delicious meals and expert trainers.  

I left feeling a lot fitter and healthier than when I arrived.

I'll be back!"


"I have been home now for a week since a week in Girona with No Ordinary Bootcamp.  

I am still smiling from some of the the belly laughs we had.  As well as having fun we worked hard to increase our fitness.  Ross and Paul's approach to coaching was professinal taking into account the mixed ability.  The whole team worked very hard to ensure that our week was seamless.  Everyone was friendly and approachable which reverbrated right through the group.  The food was excellent, pleasing so many is a tall order which was achieved.  The accommodation was perfect for a bootcamp.  

I would encourage anyone to give it a try regardless of fitness level.  You will surprise yourself what you can achieve with excellent coaching."